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馃帀Foldable Hand-Washable Mini Mop

馃帀Foldable Hand-Washable Mini Mop

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Clean Up Without Getting Your Hands Dirty

Are you tired of wringing water out of your rag after cleaning up spills? Are you one who doesn't want to get your hands messy while tidying up?

Well, you're just in luck! ThePortable聽Self-Wringing Mini Mop聽is here.


ThePortable Self-Wringing Mini Mopis your handy all-around cleaning tool. Use it for just about any job. Use it in wiping off spills, cleaning glass or removing stubborn kitchen stains. Tidy up your table and office desk with it. Take it to the bathroom and use it to take water out of your shower glass or clean the sink. You can even use it to clean your car windows. The possibilities are endless.

It's small size makes it very easy to control and makes it suitable for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. It has a rotatable head which you can adjust according to your needs.

The sponge is made of extra absorbent material and is very effective and efficient in drawing off water and oil. These eco-friendly sponge heads do not harden.

What makes it even more appealing is its self-wringing design. It has an easily accessible finger-pulled latch which brings the mop head into the body to wring it. There is actually no need to touch the head, leaving your hands clean and dry as you聽use it.聽
Make cleaning easier, less messy and more fun with the聽Portable Self-Wringing Mini Mop!


鉁斅 聽A Multi-Use Cleaning Tool, Clean Just About Anything

鉁斅 聽Self-Wringing Feature Keeps聽Your Hands Clean & Dry聽

鉁斅 聽Portable & Light-Weight, Easy To Control

鉁斅 聽Rotatable Mop Head To Suit Cleaning Needs

鉁斅 聽Highly Absorbent Sponge Heads

鉁斅 聽Cleans Effectively & Efficiently

鉁斅 聽Sleek & Eye-Catching Design

鉁斅 聽Foldable Design For Easy Storage


Mopping Material: Degradable and Environmentally Friendly Cotton Head
Rod Material: ABS
Squeezing Mode: Folding Mode

Package Includes:
1x Mini Mop聽

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