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Automatic circuit breaker detector

Automatic circuit breaker detector

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Introducing our next generation circuit breaker - the MS5902 Socket Tester fully automatic circuit breaker detector. (Various versions to suit different country sockets and voltages)

The job of the Circuit Breaker Finder/Outlet Tester (MS5902) is to find the correct circuit breaker or the correct fuse and test the outlet. You no longer have to worry about finding the right circuit breaker to power your AC outlets or lights

The circuit breaker detector can automatically adjust the sensitivity to quickly find the target circuit breaker or fuse. The socket tester can test whether the triangle socket connection is correct, and the three indicator lights can show the socket status

Find the right circuit breaker or fuse quickly and automatically. Quickly and easily identify circuit outlet conditions. Equipped with a flashlight, suitable for use in dark environments. Automatic low battery reminder, suitable for various environments.

Maintenance: Use a dry cloth to keep it clean. When the yellow LED light on MS5902 lights up, unscrew the cover and remove it, insert the 9V battery and maintain a good balance.

Specification   :

Material :   ABS

Battery :   1   6 F 2 2   9 V   battery   ( battery   not   included )

Plug :   1 1 0 - 2 5 0   V .

Alarm   method :   Sound   and   light   alarm

Neutral   Index :   Yes .

Find   sensitivity   adjustment :   Yes Application :   Circuit   Search


1 .   Switch   the   receiving   device   to   FIND ,   turn   on   the   transmitting   device   ( look   for   the   circuit   breaker )   and   plug   it   into   the   power   socket ,   the   red   light   will turn   on .

2 .   If   the   receiver   is   close   to   the   transmitter   during   the   test ,   the   receiver   wil   beep   and   the   LED   will   flash .   When   the   transmitter   detects   the   sensor ,   it automatically   tests   the   line - hunting   function ,   and   the   sensitivity   can   be   adjusted   by   adjusting   the   switch .

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