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Double-sided 304 stainless steel cutting board

Double-sided 304 stainless steel cutting board

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The SOLUX® Board is a revolutionary cutting board made with Japanese steel that has been designed to eliminate common problems associated with regular wooden, stone or plastic boards. Some of these problems can be detrimental to your health.

✔ Does not contaminate food with BPA’s and microplastics
✔ Antibacterial surface
✔ Preserves your knives’ sharpness
✔ Significantly easier to clean than other boards


Did you know a research conducted by the University of Arizona found that plastic and wooden cutting boards can harbor up to 200 times more fecal bacteria and contaminate your food with microplastics or mold?

  • Wood/Bamboo: These natural materials can harbor bacteria and mold over time, potentially leading to food contamination. They also absorb odors and stain easily, necessitating frequent replacements.
  • Plastic/Epicurean: Often containing BPA or other harmful chemicals, plastic boards can leach into food during use, posing health risks. They also scratch easily, providing spaces for bacteria to thrive. 
  • Glass/Stone:  These cutting boards can break or chip. When this occurs, small glass or stone fragments may contaminate the food being prepared on these boards, posing a risk of injury if ingested These hard materials can quickly dull knives, requiring frequent sharpening and adding to maintenance costs and efforts. 
  • Titanium: Although softer than stainless steel, titanium boards are more costly and may not offer the same durability and scratch resistance as our stainless steel boards.


Knife Friendly Technology

Preserve the sharpness of all your knives and keep them damage free.


Odorless, Microplastic/Mold Free & Non-Porous

Avoid critical health problems associated with regular cutting boards. Solid surface with no cracks for germs or bacteria to grow.


Clean & Sanitize in Seconds 

Rinse off and clean the board in seconds without worrying about bacteria or food particles being stuck in the crevices




  • Hardness and Smoothness: The high-quality steel used in our cutting boards are designed to have a smooth, hard surface that doesn’t provide the same abrasive resistance as materials like stone or the fibrous resistance of wood. This reduces the friction against the knife edge during cutting.

  • Consistent Surface: Unlike wood or plastic boards, which can develop grooves and scratches over time, this cutting board maintains a consistent, smooth surface. These grooves in other materials can catch and drag the knife edge, causing it to dull more rapidly.

  • Lack of Absorption: Wood and plastic boards can absorb liquids and particles, which can lead to swelling or degradation over time. This can create uneven surfaces that contribute to knife dulling. The SOLUX Board does not absorb liquids or particles, maintaining it’s integrity and smoothness.

  • Resistance to Hard Particles: Stone boards can contain hard particles that can chip or dull knife edges. Our boards are free from such particles, providing a safer surface for knives.

  • Sanitary Surface: Our cutting boards are 99% less likely to harbor bacteria and are easier to sanitize. This reduces the need for harsh cleaning methods that can also contribute to the wear and tear of knife edges.




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