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Intelligent automatic ice maker

Intelligent automatic ice maker

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CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE - The lightweight function makes it portable and can be used anywhere; Its compact design is perfect for all occasions; Perfect for RVs, boats, kitchens, tea rooms, KTVs, offices, bars, restaurants, parties, gatherings, celebrations, etc.

It's quick to make and completely edible - just plug in the power cord, add water, and enjoy ice cream in about 6-10 minutes, as if you're buying a compressor cooling system from the bar that works quietly and doesn't interfere with normal life. The clear window at the top helps you monitor the process and check the ice level

EASY TO USE - No installation required; Turn on/off the machine and select ice size (S/L) according to your taste on the control panel; Thanks to automatic anti-roll protection, you'll never have to deal with ice tray mess again

ONTISZTITO FUNKCl0-Thanks to the self-cleaning ability, you only have to pour water into the sink and long press the ON/Kl button 5tis tnase A t tnasrig8ko 30 pac wad tearz you can open the small rubber to let the dirty water out of the machine; The cleaner for exclusive use is also suitable for the machine's self-cleaning system, unless it is required every six months or annually

WATER INDICATOR - When the water level is 2.3 liters, which means the tank is low, the red indicator warns you to add more water; When the ice bucket is full, another signal prompts you to remove it so you can make more ice


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