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Pan with 4 separate openings

Pan with 4 separate openings

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Non-stick coating
Effortlessly and quickly prepare multiple dishes at the same time
Compatible with electric, induction and gas stoves
Perfect for making omelettes

 Effortlessly and quickly prepare different dishes at the same time

Save time
Make delicious pancakes, fried eggs, omelettes, roasted vegetables or burgers in one pan and save on cooking time!

Non-stick surface
The unique non-stick surface prevents food from sticking to the pan, making cleaning a breeze.

Even heat distribution
The design of the pan ensures that the heat is spread evenly over the entire base, so your dishes are guaranteed to cook evenly.

Prepare meat and vegetable dishes in the pan without turning or stirring

Temperature control
The pan has an integrated temperature indicator, allowing the cooking temperature to be continuously monitored.

Prepare different dishes at the same time
With four openings on the pan you can prepare up to four different dishes at the same time!
You can now prepare both meat and vegetarian dishes in the same pan without them mixing together!

Compatible with all types of stoves
The pan is compatible with different types of stoves: gas, glass ceramic or induction.

aluminum, wood

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