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Professional Button Fastening Kit | SNAPSTER

Professional Button Fastening Kit | SNAPSTER

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An essential for every homemaker, fashionista, parent, and creator! With a kit that includes professional pliers and a wide selection of buttons, you can mend, transform, and craft unique garments! Additionally, this kit can also be used for various other DIY projects!

  • Easy button placement on fabric.
  • Suitable for both professionals and beginners.
  • 10 different colors that blend perfectly.
  • A simple solution for loose-fitting clothing.
  • A fantastic variety for clothing and fashion accessories.
  • Attach buttons to t-shirts, backpacks, children's clothing, hats, curtains, pet apparel, bags, and more.
  • An opportunity to unleash your creativity.
  • Crafted from high-quality and rust-resistant materials.
  • Package includes: 1x button fastening pliers.

Place buttons on various fabrics entirely by yourself. Attach buttons to children's clothing, shirts, bags, curtains... The choice is limitless!

Repair unused and unfinished clothing. Too open, too wide, too loose... You can fix it all with the button fastening kit.

An excellent choice for DIY projects. The use of buttons isn't limited to just clothing, but with your creative power, you can use them in many other places!

Additional Information:

  • Package includes: 1x button fastening pliers, 100x buttons (10 x 10 different colors).
  • Button colors: orange, soft purple, yellow, red, green, black, light and dark blue, white, soft pink.
  • Dimensions: 9.5 mm (button).
  • How to use: Open the pliers. On one side of the pliers, place the button part with the protruding fastening part facing inward, and on the other side of the pliers, place the silver ring with prongs. Place the fabric between the pliers and press. Then comes the second part of button fastening. On one side of the pliers, position the colorful ring with prongs, and on the other side, place the colorful button with a recess for fastening. Insert the fabric between them and press. Your button is now securely fastened. Tip: Before attempting to attach buttons to actual clothing, first practice on fabric that you don't need.
Joanna P.

A good kit that will be put to good use.

Nina R.

I sew a lot of clothing for children and infants, and I've used the kit before, especially on jersey fabric. I must say, it's money well spent.


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