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Soccer training zone

Soccer training zone

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This rubber belt trains your child to become the next soccer legend!

 One-to-one training –Ideal for kids to practice soccer on their own anywhere.

 Skill development– ​​Great for all soccer skills like kicking, passing, receiving, dribbling, ball control and other tricks with it.

 For Both Legs– Strengthens both legs equally so that one is not weaker than the other.

 Efficient– ​​The child does not waste time chasing the ball, as it comes back, so they train more and improve faster.

 Extends from 180cm to 550cm –The harder the hit, the harder the ball bounces.

 Adjustable waist size –Fits everyone, you can adjust the size of the belt with ease.

Different ball sizes – Suitable for different ball sizes as well as other sports such as volleyball or rugby.


Essential training for young footballers!

If your kids like soccer, this training zone will help them develop their skills and be physically active . Today kids spend a lot of time on the phone and it's harder to get together with friends to play, but they can do individual training with this band.

The belt is adjustable for waist size and has an elastic that makes the ball bounce back. They practice hitting, passing, receiving, dribbling, ball control and other tricks with the ball .

If you don't train both legs the same way, the dominant leg gets stronger, while the other leg remains weak and prone to injury. Training with this belt ensures that both legs develop muscle and strength .

Kids can train almost anywhere (backyard, garage, playground). It is also good for other sports such as volleyball and for different ball sizes.

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