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TrailBlazer™ Emergency Solar Powered Radio

TrailBlazer™ Emergency Solar Powered Radio

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  • Constructed of IPX3 waterproof heavy duty casing, ensuring long lasting durability in the most intense situation.

  • Battery life last a good 24 hours using just the radio. Sound is loud and clear.

  • There are 4 ways to gain battery power: 4000mAh rechargeable battery, Micro USB charge, Solar charge, Hand-crank. You will not have to worry about it losing battery, give you a big relief.

  • Can be used as a 4000mAh power bank, can charge more than one smartphone. Always safe.

  • 3-mode flashlight, motion sensor reading light and battery indicator, help you walk in places without lights or in case of power cut.

  • Compact & lightweight, perfect for the go bag. SOS button on the radio will sound an alarm so that rescuers can find it in time.

  • Beyond AM and FM radio Another neat feature is the NOAA channel, THE go-to channel in disasters. Get notified first for every weather alert in your area, earn a critical time to prepare and save you and your family.

Our emergency radio has helped thousands of USA civilians to live through the hurricane, tornadoes and snowstorm season.

- This is a perfect radio to own especially with the weather being so unpredictable these days. Hurricanes or post-earthquake operations that can last for days. 

- When extreme weather strikes and you're without power, hand crank radios are your best option for staying powered up and informed.

- With a solar panels on the top of the radio so that you can place it on a window shelf to absorb sunlight, hand crank mechanism to charge your phone.

- In case of emergency, you can press the "SOS" button then the radio will sound an alarm so that rescuers can find you.

- This TrailBlazer™ Emergency Radio definitely a “must” for your emergency preparedness kit!


+ Radio Frequency Range: 
- NOAA 162.400-162.550MH
- FM 87-108MHz
AM 52-171KHz

+ Waterproof Level: IPX3

+ Power Capacity/Voltage: 4000mAh/3.7V

+ Battery Type: 18650 Li-ion battery

+ Weight: 13.4oz/0.38kg

+ Dimensions: 6.3*3.15*1.97in  (16*8*5cm)
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